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If you are thinking about getting your case evaluated in order to proceed with the filing of a Depakote lawsuit, you need to constant a lawyer urgently. Any wasted second could mean more hardships on a later time in the future, and you certainly don’t need any more hassle. You and your newborn son or daughter are probably facing enough issues as it is, so a Depakote lawsuit filing for the damage that your new born child will be facing all his/her life is at its place.

Depakote Lawsuit for undisclosed side effects

As you might already know by now, Depakote is a drug used to treat and keep epilepsy under control and which could become to theme of your own Depakote lawsuit; the problem with this drug, just like with a lot more drugs that are intended to have similar effects is the fact that its use has been directly linked to birth defects and especially malformations in limbs and skulls, but also cleft palate. You should be able to build a genuinely strong case against the manufacturing pharmaceutical company that is distributing the drug – Abbot Laboratories. The one thing you need to keep in mind now is that the faster you act, the better chances you will have to prevail at the end of the Depakote lawsuit.

Depakote Lawsuit And You

If you suffer from bipolar disorder or from depression and you were forced to keep on using valproic acid, which is found in the drug called Depakote and keep your condition at a stable level, you are very likely to be addressing a Depakote lawsuit lawyer. Special emphasis will be displayed in the case of those women who used the drug during their first three months of pregnancy, because studies have shown that this special period when the fetus is known to develop most of his vital functions is extremely vulnerable. Thus, having used Depakote during the first trimester of pregnancy means you are entitled to file a Depakote lawsuit, if you son or daughter have been born with defects and malformations.


Depakote Lawsuit Information

Moreover, the year 2006 has brought some new elements, besides the already published results of these studies and the warnings that were referring to the potential harmful risks of these drugs on newborn babies which could all lead to a depakote lawsuit.  The Food and Drug Administration have placed a red label on the drug, clearly stating the fact that Depakote poses risks for potential birth defects. The alarming numbers have shown the fact that 20 percent of all pregnant ladies who continued to treat their epilepsy and bipolar disease or depression using the drug ended up giving birth to children with birth defects. Of course you can imagine that filing a Depakote lawsuit after the 2006 warnings were issued proved to be quite a battle for a lot of women. However, the year 2010 continued to bring more news concerning this burning matter: it would seem that some more recent studies have shown the fact that the side effects of Depakote that are strictly related to birth defect are a result of the use of the drug in the first trimester, and thus all women who have already started their treatment and are less likely to get the drug out of their system. Invariably, these birth defects are very likely to occur, and a Depakote lawsuit can help these women gain the compensation they deserve. Their newborn might be suffering from urinary problems, spina bifida, the presence of extra fingers and toes, holes in the heart and other similar conditions and malformations.

The fact that a pregnant woman increases her risk of giving birth to a baby suffering from spina bifida with up to 12 times is another reason to be associating your newborns’ health problems with the use of Depakote – and thus file a Depakote lawsuit.

Plus, it would seem that on June 30, 2011, The United States Food and Drug Administration issued yet another warning intended to alarm pregnant women who continued to use the drug; a Depakote lawsuit could rely on the results of the tests they conducted, which are even more frightening: children who have been born after a pregnancy during which their mother was using this anti-epilepsy drug scored lower on cognitive tests. The results were then compared to children whose mothers have used other drugs against seizures while being pregnant with them and they showed the fact that those children scored higher as the previous ones.

Depakote Lawsuit What To Expect.

If you are noticing your child is having problems understanding things or if he or she is having such problems accommodating with his school assignments, you should consider filing a Depakote lawsuit. A Depakote lawsuit might bring you face to face with some of the best lawyers Abbot Laboratories, and your Depakote lawsuit might be difficult to bear; but as long as you have the medical records and other additional proof to show your child has in fact been affected by your use of Depakote during your pregnancy, you have every chance of winning.


A Depakote lawsuit could be based on straight facts (health issues) and also on many of the official researches that have been done concerning the side effects of these drugs on newborn children. A Norwegian study that has been published in a recent issue of BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has clearly indicated the elevated health risks during pregnancy as compared to the risk levels of those women who did not use epilepsy drugs. Pre-eclampia, which is a kind of hypertension and protein buildup that occurs in pregnant women and which can lead to death have also been associated with the use of this particular drug. A Depakote lawsuit could help you make your legal claims, if you find yourself in one of these situations.
Many other complications that characterize problematic deliveries were also discovered in relation to the ingestion of this drug, as a result of all the studies that have been conducted over the years. A Depakote lawsuit could become your main compensation ticked, as long as you keep a close eye on that statute of limitations and you do not act when it is already too late.

A Depakote lawsuit could start with a few easy case evaluations and the finding of a skilled Depakote lawsuit lawyer. We have a free case review to fill out on the right hand side of this website that will reach a highly skilled Depakote lawyer. Don’t delay filing a Depakote Lawsuit.

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